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Hello I'm Deb 

The Money Coach

As a Certified Financial Recovery™ Counselor with years of experience in nursing, I combine my passion for assisting people and my expertise in money coaching to guide professional women, including nurses and others, in helping professions, to heal their relationship with money.

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I understand the unique financial challenges you face, and I am here to support you every step of the way.

My Journey to Financial Recovery


I embarked on my nursing career at the age of 20, driven by my love for helping others. Despite earning a stable income, I struggled to make ends meet and got stuck in a cycle of debt. In addition to learning new skills, I realized that my scarcity mindset was at the root of my financial troubles, causing me to make impulsive purchases and fall deeper into debt.


Determined to change my relationship with money, I sought guidance from a money coach. Together, we created a spending plan and tracked my expenses. As we worked together, she helped me become more intentional about my financial decisions. I paid off my debt, bought a house, and built a prudent reserve. I also learned how to invest and grow my wealth, finally allowing me to feel empowered and at peace with my finances.

My Money Coach Approach

Passionate about transforming money mindsets,I believe a robust financial foundation is vital for well-being, offering choices, reducing stress, and fostering fulfillment. My holistic money coaching addresses practical and emotional aspects, creating a non-judgmental space for exploring finances, uncovering beliefs, and establishing empowering habits.

Through our coaching sessions, I guide you in crafting spending plans, managing debt, building savings, and achieving your goals.

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I'm here to help. I offer a free, 30-minute discovery call to help you take the first step toward healing your relationship with money. Let me, Deb the Money Coach, support you in achieving your financial goals and living the life you  deserve.

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